Are you safe this Cyclone season??
Tropi-Cool Window Tinting is Cairns security film specialist, wether you are protecting your home or office contact us! we will have the solution for you.

Security films offers protection from a variety of natural and man-made dangers such as natural disasters, theft/break-ins and terrorism or violence.

Ordinary window glass is the most vulnerable part of your home and the unprotected fixed windows are an easy target for criminals and flying objects.

Protect yourself and your family from the threat of flying glass in an accident as the films advanced adhesives hold broken glass firmly in place to prevent disasters.

While the window glass may break if struck with sufficient force, the security film will work like an invisable shield holding the broken pieces together to create a barrier. With the addition of an attachment system from the glass and tint to the frames a true barrier is created. This helps to stop water and wind penetration during violent weather conditions.

Special films with varying thicknesses are avaliable which are virtually impenetrable thereby deterring the would-be smash-and-grab theif from breaking into your shop front or office windows.

Security Film will keep you and your property safe.