WERS - Window Energy Rating Scheme and what it means for you
WERS stands for the Window Energy Rating Scheme an energy-rating program for the window industry endorsed by the association of Building Sustainability Assessors.

Star ratings for heating and cooling are given to each window film just like the energy star system used for whitegoods, the more stars the greater the efficiency of the product.

Only credible, WERS licence holder can issue WERS for Film Certificates when installing WERS rated window films.

Tropi-Cool Window Tinting is WERS for film accredited and can have a certificate issued for you.

These certificates will become more and more attractive to home and building owners especially as it becomes compulsory to supply Sustainablity Declarations when selling buildings.

In some states without a WERS Certificate you cannot include any window film installed on your home or commercial building on a Sustainablity Declaration.

WERS helps you make informed decisions as regard to which window film is right for you and lets you know how you are helping save energy and in turn the planet.

Facts about WERS
  • WERS stands for the Window Energy Rating Scheme, the energy-rating program for the window industry endorsed by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors
  • Using WERS For Film ratings, you can now accurately and confidently compare the energy benefits of different window films to select the one that best suits your needs
  • Products that have been rated in the WERS For Film program have a star rating for heating and cooling
  • Like the energy star system used to rate whitegoods, the more stars the greater the efficiency of the product
  • When a WERS-rated film is applied by a WERS For Film Accredited Individual, a WERS For Film certificate can be issued and given to you at the conclusion of the project
  • For the certificate to be valid, the installer must be a current WERS For Film Accredited Individual – visit www.wfaanz.org.au/WERSLicencees to ensure your installer is certified
  • When you want to sell your home or conduct an energy assessment, the WERS certificate will be used by the certifier or assessor
  • Using a WERS rated film and having a WERS certificate will improve your energy rating, which will increase the value of your home or building and make it more appealing to prospective


Scammers Beware

A list of current, financial WERS for film accredited individuals are listed on the WFAANZ website, click here to view (www.wfaanz.org.au/WERSLicencees ). A client, assessor or certifier can check your WERS for film details at any time. Legal action will be taken if an installer misrepresents their WERS for film status.